Rincon Real Reception Hall


Deluxe linen decor

For  200 guests this has a cost of $1790

~~For something elegant and unforgettable

  • Deluxe table covers
  • Satin or Spandex chair covers
  • All Deluxe sashes
  • Any Overlay of varied styles if nesesary
  • Rented center pieces of basic and moderate styles
  • Main table complete with theme details and decorated vases at the sides
  • Cake table
  • toasting table
  • Sign in table

Princess Decor

for 200 guests it has a cost of $1290

For something simple and affordable we present you

  • Cotton table covers 
  • cotton chair covers
  • organza sash
  • Overlay of varied styles
  • rented center pieces of basic styles
  • main table complete with theme details and      decorated vases at the sides
  • cake table
  • toasting table
  • sign in table

For a magnificent Decoration

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